Digital Marketing

We build and execute customized digital marketing campaigns to strengthen your online presence and to increase conversions.

Plarino’s digital marketing services transform your hotel brand with proven strategies derived from more than a decade in the business. We are a force for driving our clients’ marketing and promotional efforts. With powerful digital marketing tools and strategies to distribute hotels’ offerings online, we provide a suite of custom services no other hospitality management firms can match.

Our primary focus is to optimize the client’s return on investment (ROI)  and we excel in driving direct bookings and heightening revenue.

Plarino furthers industry-leading hotel branding services, digital advertising, reputation management, social media development and marketing, and ethical SEO services.

By leveraging privileged positions with partners like booking.com, Expedia, primalRES, Reputize, and WebHotelier, Plarino gives clients the edge over the competition. Our marketing teams will also maximize your hotel(s) presence on metasearch sites like Google, Kayak, TripAdvisor, Trivago, and more.


Branding takes creativity and knowledge.Plarino’s branding strategies are based on the premise of authenticity. Without a consistent brand voice, your message will never resonate with your audience. Our mission is to define and implement the branding strategy that reaches your target audience clearly and efficiently.

With your customer-centric branding approach at the foundation of all digital marketing strategies, your dedicated Plarino team maps out the guest experience to help you roll out the essential touchpoints of the brand experience that lead to bookings and build brand loyalty. Plarino communicates your brand concept to your guests by:

  • Melding your brand to guest analytics and insights – An authentic guest experience starts with a brand that resonates with the wants and needs of your audience.
  • Building your brand’s authentic story – Contemporary tech-savvy travelers value honesty and transparency. We help hotels voice the right proposition across all communicative platforms.
  • Creating a distinctive, cohesive, memorable identity – Every aspect of your hotel marketing plan should revolve around the central concept of your hotel concept.
  • Building your story – The new hotel guest expects that “Instagram moment” – we help make it happen.
  • Emphasizing local experiences – We help build the world around your business through illuminating content, blog stories and news, Facebook updates, and other broadcast channels.


Paid Advertising

Analytics dashboard.Whenever you need instant exposure for your business paid advertising delivers the best, most reliable results. By pairing budget and goals, Plarino delivers PPC campaigns that convert and maximize ROI.

Plarino is a Premier Google Partner, and our paid advertising specialists are seasoned in providing lucrative campaigns with Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads, Yandex Ads, Trivago Ads, and via Expedia and TripAdvisor advertising.

Here’s an abbreviated rundown on how we can help you run highly effective paid ads campaigns:

  • Competitor analysis –  By assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, we support your hotel win the bidding game.
  • Trend monitoring – Our ad experts monitor the competitive advertising playing field continuously to keep your ad strategy ahead of the competition.
  • Demographic bidding – We reach your specific guests by including or excluding factors like location, gender, parental status, or household income and then customizing ads.
  • A-B testing – Here, we study two different ad variants to evaluate which will generate more favorable results and improved Click Through Rate (CTR).
  • Smart bidding – We manage the bidding process for your hotel(s) to ensure the best chance of success.
  • Conversion tracking – We track your guest’s path to booking, which reveals exactly what happens when a potential customer clicks on your ads.


Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Plarino digital marketing services: SEO.Your property can have the most visually appealing website in the world, but without traffic, it will be a useless expense. Our SEO team will perform technical SEO to ensure the health of your website and will develop unique content that is both compelling and search engine friendly.

Your website is one of your most important assets online and via mobile. Organic traffic is by far the most economical way to attract visitors and convert them into buyers/guests.

Plarino’s SEO experts practice time-proven optimization methods that drive organic traffic. Our system is successful because we do the hard work necessary to produce quantifiable results. We start by building a traffic conduit for your website, which is job one for any serious content marketing effort.

The key to our success lies in forward-edge keyword research and addressing the questions your guests are asking – all proven long-term SEO strategies that deliver on the desktop, mobile, and voice search.

Other aspects of the results-oriented SEO methods we employ include creating in-depth and helpful blog posts that target long-tail keyword phrases and writing useful and unique website content that is engaging and shareable. There’s so much more involved, but we essentially optimize your content so that it is compelling enough for others to use, like, and share, which in turn improves your search rankings, increases time on site, lowers bounce rates, enhances brand credibility and eventually inspires visitors to buy or book.



Plarino digital marketing: metasearch.Metasearch marketing allows hoteliers to level the playing field with OTAs with a lower CPA and delivering higher ROI. We connect you to metasearch platforms like TripAdvisor, Trivago, and Google, and we manage your meta campaigns to ensure your bids are optimized, and to obtain the best ROI.

By leveraging metasearch’s capability to aggregate rates and reviews from the OTAs, Plarino makes the most of this essential advertising potential. Using our paid campaigns, you can manage your metasearch advertising spend from a single dashboard and monitor your ROA.

Metasearch is mission critical for growing hotel revenue by boosting direct bookings from these third-party channels. The end result of a well-maintained metasearch effort is elevated ROI, better brand parity, and higher revenue through savings on commissions.


Social Media

Girl taking selfie in hotel room.Social media is essential for the contemporary, connected consumer. Many hotels “practice” social media, but few exploit the medium’s full potential. Being where your customers are is fundamental to doing business, but an important question remains: “How effective will your social media effort be?”

Plarino’s social experts will build your reputation with daily, image-rich content across social platforms, interacting with users to drive engagement, and developing a rapport with customers and influencers for lead generation. Through organic engagement and promoted posts and tweets, we will extend your brand’s reach without increasing your upfront costs.

We’ll set up and/or manage your social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Google MyBusiness, YouTube, and more, depending on your needs. Here’s a sampling of our social offerings:

  • Integration of social profiles and your existing website
  • Optimized social media pages
  • Demographic targeting of groups and trends
  • Influencer targeting and engagement
  • Boosting strategies and budget optimization
  • Interoperability and cross-sharing continuity
  • Ongoing reputation management and user engagement

Support Services

Plarino support digital marketing services.From the intricacies of brand conceptualization and strategy building to PPC advertising and search engine optimization, Plarino provides complete stacks of services aimed to boost ROI. Plarino teams are also putting know-how into action in ancillary tasks like:

  • Creating and updating hotel information on TripAdvisor, Trivago, Google, HolidayCheck, and others
  • Managing content on your hotel’s blog and via email marketing
  • Creating and refining digital marketing budgets and campaigns
  • Constant monitoring of website functionality/usability
  • Consulting on other digital marketing needs of your business, depending on your needs.