eSales Support Services

Plarino’s eSales management teams work side-by-side with hotel management teams responsible for digital sales and revenue functions.

Working with the executive management of the hotels, Plarino designs custom eSales services powered by proven marketing strategies that use up-to-date, current distribution channels. Our eSales mission is to strengthen the hotel operations to outperform the competition.

Digital Revenue Management

We apply an innovative methodology to grow the RevPar and GopPar results of our hotel clients. Our RM specialists will work diligently to make our strong business development and strategy part of your hotel’s DNA. Here are some of the solutions you can expect when we work with and for you:

  • Identifying and adopting a healthy market segmentation for your hotel(s)
  • Helping in budgeting and developing a forecast model tailored to each market segment
  • Optimizing and/or adopting revenue channels to increase demand
  • Increasing revenue by leveraging demand for the destination
  • Optimizing direct sales
  • Setting strategic pricing and negotiable rates for your guests
  • Structuring your hotel’s pricing management
  • Taking responsibility for RM tasks 24/7

Budgeting – Plarino’s budget and financial services for eSales are powered by accurate expense and revenue forecasting. We provide weekly and monthly sales progress reports powered by our own Revelier platform.

Strategy Implementation – Plarino will develop and implement an action plan based on a benchmark of comparative pricing and distribution strategies of your main competitors and the hotel’s past performance. The benchmark will also be used to develop a pricing strategy to stimulate demand day to day.

eSales Forecasting – Our Revenue Strategy & Distribution teams create a forecasting model based on an accurate and effective market segmentation for your hotel. This tailored forecasting model will help ensure that existing demand for each individual segment integrates with all marketing, sales, and pricing strategies.

Our RS&D team is highly proficient in not only every major branded revenue management system, but our own Revelier system as well. We are constantly tweaking and leveraging integrated business applications relevant to your hotel’s performance. We optimize the workflow between sales, revenue, and eCommerce teams to create a perfect communicative synergy for a mutual understanding of hotel demand, channel analysis, and hotel supply.


A sample hotel report from our Revelier platform

Our proprietary sales management platform Revelier differentiates us from all our competitors. For our clients, this differentiation means advantage, as our case studies clearly show. Plarino deploys this groundbreaking software to support hotels and hospitality companies with in-depth analytical insights and reporting that helps them improve their digital sales.

The Revelier platform uses a rolling analysis of a hotel’s sales data alongside analyses of competitors to provide suggestions and solutions for raising profitability. We also use the platform as an online reputation tool for optimizing the customer journey. The Revelier social media reports spotlight audiences, assist in creating advertising campaigns, and further online pricing strategies.

Our creation of this proprietary platform is the proof that you are not dealing with yet another digital agency that creates websites and online marketing. We are a data and results driven company that uses market intelligence to create solutions that lead to direct sales and increase profitability.