eSales Management

Plarino eSales services leverage decades of industry know-how to position your hotel(s) to maximize revenue potential in existing and new markets.

Plarino fosters custom eSales strategies, establishing a pricing culture that enfranchises powerful revenue management solutions tailored for success.

The Plarino Toolkit

With the eSales services provided by Plarino, you can enhance your online sales by implementing innovative strategies, including competition analysis, revenue and yield management, reporting and forecasting, training of reservations executives, and more. Here are some of the Plarino tools you need right now:

  • Online Booking Engine
  • Channel Manager to efficiently manage unlimited different online property distribution channels
  • Online Reputation Management – Not restricted to TripAdvisor reviews, this service scrutinizes all brand mentions online and addresses positive and negative feedback alike, to strenghten brand perception and customer satisfaction.
  • Competition Analysis – We study your main competitors to assess their price positioning in relation to their product offering. 

    Plarino’s market-first, proprietary development Revelier supports client hotels with a suite of tools including:

    • Airline Routes Program
    • Technical Analysis for eSales
    • Monthly Reports
    • Combined reports for Sales & Marketing

    eSales Support Services

    Plarino provides a wide range of eSales support services directed at establishing the best general budgeting and pricing strategy. A few of these services are:

    • Auditing the hotel configuration, including room types, boarding types, outlets, general facilities and services, location, competition, development plans, image versus identity
    • Analysing the sales’ configuration, including past budgets and results, current rates, current sales distribution segments and all related contracts, obligations, and targets
    • Conducting research on the sales status with distribution partners and a scan of public reviews
    • Formulating a sales strategy, developming a budget plan and forecast
    • Delivering formal rate sheets per agreed sales segment, including minimum FIT, B2B, and IND levels

    eSales Goals

    Through refining the pricing and budgetary philosophy, Plarino helps hoteliers increase brand awareness, revenues, ADR, and direct bookings.